How Yoga Improves a Lawyers’ Journey and Practice featuring Dana Shaker

Yoga is great for lawyers. This is why Dana Shaker created Journey & Practice, a membership community that allows law graduates, lawyers, and bar examinees to participate in self-care activities, like journaling and yoga, to improve their mental health.‍


How yoga can benefit bar examinees and law students

Why a trademark lawyer would practice yoga

How to find work/life balance as a trademark lawyer and business owner


Restorative and active yoga styles

Community activities for lawyers and bar examinees

Why Ohioans are great (of course) 

How a yoga practice changes when you begin teaching yoga

How Yoga Improves a Lawyers’ Journey and Practice featuring Dana Shaker

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How Yoga Improves a Lawyers’ Journey and Practice featuring Dana ShakerHow Yoga Improves a Lawyers’ Journey and Practice featuring Dana Shaker

About This Episode

Dana Shaker believes that your legal practice can be improved when you improve your mental health. Why? Because participating in community-based activities, like yoga and journaling, allows lawyers to reflect on their journeys and better serve their clients. How? Because Dana Shaker did it first and it works!

Dana Shaker's Background

After failing the bar exam, Dana had some tough conversations with herself about whether the stress and anxiety of taking the bar exam were worth the damage it caused her. When Dana decided that the would take the bar exam again, Dana knew that she needed to make some major changes during this second experience. This was when Dana dusted off her yoga mat.

Yoga and Lawyers

Initially discovering yoga as a competitive swimmer in college, Dana enjoyed the practice and the benefits it had for her body. But would Dana have time to practice yoga while memorizing statutes for the bar exam? Yes. She had to. 

When discussing the bar exam, Dana always references yoga as the key factor in her study experience. In this episode, Dana explains that yoga may be a restorative or active practice, and discusses eight different yoga practices that one could practice.

Episode 71 is a follow-up of the initial conversation between Kyla Denanyoh and Dana Shaker, Episode 31, recorded in 2020. In Episode 31, Dana explained why yoga was important and why she decided to teach others how to practice yoga. 

In contrast, Episode 71 is all about how yoga can improve a lawyer’s mental health and why lawyers should participate in self-care activities. Dana Shaker has scaled her virtual yoga practice, and rebranded her business from The Inward Journey with Dana Shaker to Journey and Practice

Dana Shaker appreciates the fact that serving others doesn’t diminish her own need for yoga; similar to how working out with a trainer in the gym doesn’t alleviate the trainer's need to exercise. 

Dana exclaims that “[Y]oga is meditative; a chance to turn down and be with your body and sense of self.” Dana discusses eight different types of yoga, their importance, and how many yogis can “mix and match” yoga moves to better serve their participants. 

Practicing law is a journey and yoga is a practice. Dana Shaker cares about how yoga impacts your legal practice and bar exam studying because Dana Shaker cares about your mental health. 

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Lawyer Side Hustles

Journey and Practice offers the Heart-Centered Lawyers membership, a community of lawyers who participate in coffee chats, group yoga sessions, journaling activities, and more to connect with each other and improve their journey and practice.  

Dana explains that we “go on an inward journey, find out more about yourself and practice what you have learned [in law], as well as practicing yoga.” Because being a lawyer is a journey and practice and yoga is a journey and practice. 

You cannot expect to roll out of bed and be masterful at yoga, no more than you can expect to walk out of law school and be a rockstar in the courtroom. But this doesn’t stop law students and new lawyers from forgetting about the ‘journey’ aspect of practicing law. 

Interestingly, practicing yoga is also a journey and practice. Dana also explains that she has to find time for herself to practice yoga, even though teaching virtual yoga sessions multiple times a week. 

Dana has the training, certification, and experience to know when she needs 10 minutes to unwind on her yoga mat. 

Now, in addition to being a certified yoga and policy consultant, Dana Shaker is a third-generation law firm owner. 

Don’t call this a comeback or remix, Episode 71 will remind you that taking time for yourself will allow you to better serve others.

Practicing law is a journey and yoga is a practice. Dana Shaker cares about how your yoga practice impacts your legal practice, bar studying, and overall mental health. 

NOTE: Always consult with a medical professional or your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimens.

Connect with Dana

Dana Shaker is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C. Learn more about Dana Shaker:



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