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You are a Lawyer Podcast hosted by Kyla Denanyoh promotes lawyers with exciting hobbies and career changes.

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Recent Episodes

Maya Markovich - Tech-Enabled Legal Services will Become the Norm

Maya Markovich explains why networking is easy and how diverse law applicants will innovate the legal field.

Caroline Vickers - Retake the Bar Exam like a Champ

Caroline Vickers explains why she created Bar Prep Champs and the importance of working with first time bar exam takers.

Ali Awad - If You Want to Survive, You Have to Continue to Get Better

Ali Awad explains how he gets his clients ‘a wad of money’ and how to appreciate the opportunities presented to Americans.

Candace Spencer - Bringing Justice to the Food System for Black People

Candace Spencer explains the importance of having an LLC as a farmer and being open to unique jobs if you do not have a plan after law school.

David Orozco - SettleShark Founder and Lawyer

David Orozco explains why he created the company SettleShark and the importance of not taking the bar exam if you do not plan to practice.

Michelle Words - Expat Professor and Lawyer

Michelle Words explains the importance of changing your life to try new things and why she teaches business law in Saudi Arabia.

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