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Lawyers can do anything. 

Every week, Kyla Denanyoh interviews a game-changing lawyer to discuss how their legal education impacts their life. Because whether you’re working as an artist, tech investor, yogi, or blogger, if you’ve graduated from law school, YOU ARE A LAWYER.

By sharing their experiences during and after law school, podcast guests expose how law school promotes competition and perfectionism and their creativity and talents are often hidden. Until now. 

You Are A Lawyer promotes lawyers and law school graduates with exciting hobbies, interests, and career changes. This podcast will motivate you to start that side hustle, challenge you to find a nontraditional career, and push you to embrace the hobby that you’ve been hiding. 

So ask yourself, are you an ambitious lawyer who is limited in their career? A law student who daydreams about impacting the world? Did you struggle with the bar exam and now you’re bored with the law? 

You Are A Lawyer will remind you that your law degree is valuable wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Join the email list and get introduced to more fearless lawyers every week.


Kyla (Hemphill) Denanyoh is a 2015 graduate of Southern University Law Center. Kyla took the bar exam, but did not pass.

After dealing with frustration and self-doubt, Kyla began to appreciate the power of her legal education and acknowledge that she could find career success in a non-traditional way.

Kyla was not the first person to not pass a bar exam, but the experience felt isolating. Her licensed friends ignored the subject altogether. The lawyers that she knew who had not passed the bar exam, dealt with their pain in whispers.

The “You Are A Lawyer” podcast was created to take these whispered stories and shout them out. Kyla began to seek out other lawyers who were using their legal educations to create their own career paths and were willing to share their stories.

Kyla is currently the Operations Manager of an intellectual property legal department in a mid-sized law firm; a role that was created for her unique abilities as a lawyer.

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Debra Whitson is a former prosecutor who opened a family law practice to improve the lives and relationships of others. Debra is the founder of a family law firm and a nationwide virtual mediation database.

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