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You Are a Lawyer is a podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law school graduates who created their own career paths. The podcast focuses on two distinct paths: those who, by choice or chance, have not been admitted to a bar association, yet use their legal education to create incredible careers, and those who are admitted to a state’s bar, but use their law degrees in innovative ways to create nontraditional, yet rewarding paths to success.

According to LEXICO, a lawyer is, “a person who practices or studies law.”  As a law school graduate, you are a lawyer, and through this podcast, we will share the challenges and triumphs of being a lawyer.

Whether you are a law student, chose a traditional career trajectory then left the practice of law, or stumbled into a unique career, this podcast is for you because You Are a Lawyer.

Note: The purpose of this podcast is to encourage ingenuity if your life after law school looks differently than you imagined. This show highlights the career paths of each guest and in no way discourages admittance to a bar association.


Kyla (Hemphill) Denanyoh is a 2015 graduate of Southern University Law Center. Kyla took the bar exam, but did not pass.

After dealing with frustration and self-doubt, Kyla began to appreciate the power of her legal education and acknowledge that she could find career success in a non-traditional way.

Kyla was not the first person to not pass a bar exam, but the experience felt isolating. Her licensed friends ignored the subject altogether. The lawyers that she knew who had not passed the bar exam, dealt with their pain in whispers.

The “You Are A Lawyer” podcast was created to take these whispered stories and shout them out. Kyla began to seek out other lawyers who were using their legal educations to create their own career paths and were willing to share their stories.

Kyla is currently the Operations Manager of an intellectual property legal department in a mid-sized law firm; a role that was created for her unique abilities as a lawyer.

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