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Kyla Denanyoh interviews lawyers with exciting side hustles, ambitious career changes, and fun hobbies.
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Attornneed (Summer 2021, Fall 2021)

  • Goal: Brand Awareness
  • Campaign: Mid-roll ads
  • Results: Seven clients enrolled in Attornneed

Kyla is great at delivering energetic ads that grab the listeners attention and instantly increase brand awareness. - Jasmin Robinson

The Law Offices of Vernon P. Thomas (Spring 2022)

  • Goal: New Clients
  • Campaign: Mid-roll ads
  • Deliverables: Custom advertisement that drew clients to law firm website
  • Results: Increase of website traffic by 5% within two days of episode publication

I never considered podcast advertising, but the warm leads that we received really increased business. - Vernon W. Thomas

Beachwaver Hair Tools (Fall 2020)

  • Goal: Social Media Engagement
  • Campaign: Product giveaway
  • Deliverables: Two Instagram posts and an Instagram Story
  • 3% Increase in social media comments and direct messages
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Jas Talks Law (Summer 2020)

  • Goal: Brand Awareness
  • Campaign: Book Giveaway
  • Downloads:
  • View ads here

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How to Excel in Sales as a Lawyer feat. Bryan Aghakhani

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Bryan Aghakhani, a partner at Borden Semmer specializing in personal injury trial cases, shares valuable insights on the importance of marketing and networking for lawyers in this episode. He emphasizes the significance of building relationships, utilizing communication skills, and maintaining a proactive approach to grow and maintain a successful legal practice. Bryan's practical advice for young lawyers and law students underscores the essential skills needed to excel in the legal profession.

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