How to Advocate as a Board Membership feat. Samora Legros

Samora Legros sits on the Board of the Max Cadet Foundation, an organization created to celebrate his grandfather, a lawyer, judge, and dentist. Created with a dental clinic based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Max Cadet Foundation serves children and adults living n Haiti by providing them with better dental care access.


  • Why a lawyer is an asset on a non-profit board of directors
  • The challenges of being an out-of-state law student
  • How social work and the legal practice intersect


  • Food access inequality
  • Volunteering and mentorship of school-aged children
  • Creating foundations that honor your lineage and family
How to Advocate as a Board Membership feat. Samora Legros

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How to Advocate as a Board Membership feat. Samora LegrosHow to Advocate as a Board Membership feat. Samora Legros

About This Episode

Samora Legros’ Background

Samoa Legros is a true Yankee. The Harlem, New York native connected with Kyla as out-of-state students when they met at Southern University Law Center (SULC). With a Haitian background, Samora valued the importance of family, growing up with his parents, younger sister, grandparents, and a large group of cousins. Samora attended the Browning School from 7th to 12th grade, before going to college at Vanderbilt University which sparked his interest in the legal profession. Samoa clerked at a law firm owned by Michael Lacher, a parent from the Browning School. 

“I was with an academic dream team who could help create and solve problems, create solutions and really solve the problems that were ahead of us,” explained Samora Legros in You Are A Lawyer.

The Browning School is so important to Samora that in 2022, he began to mentor students and attend the school while reading to kindergarten students. Professionally and personally, Samoa sees value in reconnecting with his former classmates and strengthening their bond as adults.

Why Law School

Samoa Legros had the opportunity to work at a law firm during summers and breaks. As he took on more challenging tasks, he succeeded and received more responsibility. Given his grandmother's age, Samora knew that his analytical skills and empathy would make him a wonderful lawyer. After graduating in 2007, Samoa worked full-time at the law firm and had another striking experience in law. He worked with a client facing eviction who could not work and needed guidance and mentorship. Recognizing the potential of the sword and shield, he understood how the law and policy could be used to assist and protect people.

Challenges of Being an Out-Of-State Law Student 

Living in Louisiana, Samoa was aware of the need to navigate encounters with law enforcement cautiously. He understood the significance of presenting oneself in a composed manner, keeping hands on the wheel, and even placing a copy of the Constitution on his windshield to foster a more elevated conversation and avoid being unfairly categorized as a potential suspect solely based on his appearance.

Samoa Legros highlights the significance of classes like trial advocacy, mediation, and effective communication in advocating for others. Professor Alvin Washington's teaching and problem analysis skills have empowered Samoa to confidently discuss and address the root causes of problems, enabling effective solutions, particularly in cases where individuals require urgent medical procedures.

“When we are students, we lose a certain capacity, not only to work full time, but to earn and make a living. So it becomes very necessary for you to learn how to advocate for yourself,” shared Samora Legros on You Are A Lawyer.

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What Can You Do with a Law Degree

Samoa acknowledges that studying political science and analyzing policies allowed him to see their impact on people. Recognizing the importance of bridging gaps and aiding his community, Samoa saw the law as a valuable tool and resource. When Samora started looking for a corporate role, he joined the Max Cadet Foundation as a board member. With his connection to Haiti and his legal experience, being a board member was a natural pairing. 

“And it is a pleasure and honor to be able to have earned that Juris Doctorate and be able to really break down problems like a doctor would and really analyze and have a formulaic way so of going about a process,” shared Samora Legros, You Are A Lawyer podcast.

Samoa Legros reflects on the challenges faced by individuals with broken mandibles and mouth tumors, emphasizing the importance of advocating for their proper dental care and access to medical procedures. Through classes like trial advocacy and mediation, Samoa gained the confidence to analyze and address the root causes of these problems, enabling effective solutions for those in urgent need of medical procedures.

Board of Director Membership

When he was younger, Samora learned that his grandfather, Max Cadet, was a lawyer, judge, and dentist. Even after his grandfather's passing, Samora’s mother, aunt, and grandmother established the Therese and Max Cadet Dental Foundation in his honor. The foundation involves a nonprofit organization and community representation.

Samoa Legros expresses gratitude towards his mother, who has been involved with a foundation for a long time, and his aunt, who works in Haiti as part of the foundation's operations team. Witnessing their dedication and involvement from a young age has had a profound impact on Samoa, especially considering the personal connection he has through family ties and his experiences in Haiti. The foundation addresses various healthcare needs, including providing dental equipment and surgeries for individuals who require treatment, highlighting the importance of proper headgear for those riding mopeds.

“The fact that I was able to speak French and English at the time, and Haitian Creole, and help the doctors translate, whether it was something like, these were simple instructions that I could assist with,” explained Samora Legros in Episode 88 of You Are A Lawyer.

Connect with Samora Legros

Samora Legros is not licensed to practice law. Connect with Samora Legros at

Engage with the Max Cadet Foundation at

Grab the book, A Long Walk Home, mentioned in the podcast:

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