How To Integrate Parenting With a Legal Career feat. Miriam Airington-Fisher

Inspired by watching courtroom dramas with her grandmother, Miriam Airington-Fisher discusses her background and lifelong passion for law. From focusing on public defense and criminal law to running her firm and becoming an author and speaker, Miriam has a unique perspective on the legal practice because “moms a lawyer.”


  • Unlikely career inspiration from courtroom dramas
  • The joy of starting your own law firm
  • The value of your kids understanding their mom's profession


  • How to create a family-friendly law firm
  • The struggle to balance work and motherhood
  • How to write a book around family obligations

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How To Integrate Parenting With a Legal Career feat. Miriam Airington-Fisher
How To Integrate Parenting With a Legal Career feat. Miriam Airington-FisherHow To Integrate Parenting With a Legal Career feat. Miriam Airington-Fisher

About This Episode

During law school at the University of Miami, Miriam Airington-Fisher focused primarily on public defense and criminal law, which she considers her first love. She aimed to become a criminal defense attorney and was drawn to the challenges and complexities of working in this area. Additionally, Miriam’s bilingualism and ability to speak Spanish led her to work on immigration law issues, which were prominent in Miami.

Despite being originally from New Jersey, Miriam ended up in Florida for law school. She explains that a breakup with her first serious boyfriend during her senior year of law school prompted her to visit a friend in Miami. She fell in love with the city and decided to pursue her legal education at the University of Miami. Miriam's spontaneous decision to study in Florida demonstrates her willingness to embrace new opportunities and follow her instincts.

After completing law school, Miriam moved to Virginia, where she has been based for over a decade. She took the bar exam in Virginia and started working at a legal aid office in a rural area near Richmond. Fisher's willingness to jump into a new environment and immerse herself in her work shows her commitment to her chosen field.

Mom’s A Lawyer

Miriam Airington-Fisher began informally mentoring other lawyers, which transformed into a formal consulting side hustle, ultimately publishing her book, "Mom's a Lawyer." Miriam shares that her intentional and strategic approach to building her law firm began after a significant moment in her journey as a working parent. She aimed to create a family-friendly firm not only for herself but also for her team. As she acquired the knowledge and skills to transform her law practice into a business, other women attorneys contacted her for advice and guidance. Impressed by the growth of her firm and curious about her ability to leave the office at three o'clock, these attorneys sought her insights. 

"I love being a lawyer. I love trying cases," shared Miriam Airington-Fisher on You Are A Lawyer.

Miriam shared her knowledge and experiences, which eventually evolved into a formal consulting side hustle. The materials she shared with her colleagues eventually became the book "Mom's a Lawyer." The book has received positive feedback and inspired women attorneys nationwide and in Canada to start their practices. The host is thrilled with her book's impact and the support she has received from fellow women attorneys.

Miriam Airington-Fisher’s book guides women attorneys who want to start their practice or find a better work-life balance within the legal profession. It offers practical advice and strategies for building a successful law firm while prioritizing family and personal well-being. By sharing her journey and lessons learned, Fisher empowers other women to pursue their passions and create a career that aligns with their values.

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What You Can Do With a Law Degree

In this podcast episode, Miriam Airington-Fisher shares her journey of intentionally building a family-friendly law firm for herself and her team. Recognizing the significance of work-life balance, especially as a working parent, she consciously created a work environment that allowed her to be there for her child. This realization occurred when her oldest child started kindergarten, prompting her desire to leave the office at three o'clock.

"So from that point on, I started building my firm really more intentionally, strategically, how can I build a firm and maintain a litigation firm that's family-friendly, not just for me, but also for my team,” explains Miriam Airington-Fisher on the You Are A Lawyer podcast.

To achieve her goal, Miriam proactively sought professional development resources such as books, masterminds, podcasts, and webinars. Through these avenues, she gained valuable knowledge on building a successful and profitable law firm while prioritizing a family-friendly atmosphere. This process enabled her to transform her law practice into a business and gradually implement strategies aligned with her vision.

As Miriam’s law firm grew, the host became a role model for other women attorneys seeking a similar work-life balance. Inspired by her ability to leave the office at three o'clock while maintaining a successful and expanding firm, other women reached out to her for guidance. Recognizing the potential impact of her family-friendly approach, the host further developed her vision of proving that running a profitable law firm while prioritizing family needs is possible.

“But now as a mom, I'm especially leaning on to the fact that you were creative enough and you were pioneering enough to say, no, I want this. How do I make my life look like that?" shared Miriam Airington-Fisher to Kyla Denanyoh on the You Are A Lawyer podcast.

Creating a Family-Friendly Law Firm

Miriam Airnington-Fisher's intentional and strategic approach to building her firm with a focus on family-friendliness has benefited her and attracted like-minded attorneys who value work-life balance. By sharing her experiences and providing a model for success, the host aims to encourage other working parents to explore different options and possibilities for running a profitable business while still being the kind of parent they want to be.

“Jacob, mom's a lawyer!” exclaimed Miriam’s daughter when describing Miriam’s career. This was the inspiration and title of Miriam’s business and book, Mom’s A Lawyer.

In her journey to turn her law practice into a business, Miriam Airington-Fisher actively engaged in various professional development resources to strengthen her skills. She emphasized the importance of intentional and strategic efforts after a significant moment in her evolution as a working parent. To achieve her goals, she immersed herself in activities such as reading professional development books, participating in masterminds, listening to podcasts, and attending webinars. 

"And also for new lawyers, I think really not being afraid to forge their own path," shared Miriam Airington-Fisher on You Are A Lawyer.

Through these resources, she gradually acquired the knowledge and skills to create a business and transform her law practice into a successful venture. Consequently, her firm experienced growth and received inquiries from other women attorneys interested in her family-friendly work environment. This informal mentoring eventually evolved into a formal consulting side hustle and led to the publication of her book, "Mom's a Lawyer." The host's experience highlights the importance of continuously seeking knowledge and learning from various resources to develop and expand a law practice.

Side Hustles for Lawyers

Miriam Airington-Fisher is a lawyer who runs a busy law practice with diverse focus areas. Practicing law does not immediately make one a good business owner, yet Miriam has found a way to integrate her career, business, and family life. On You Are A Lawyer, Miriam discusses her love of criminal defense, immigration, and plaintiff-side civil litigation.

Based in Virginia, Miriam's criminal defense practice covers state and federal courts with complex legal issues and high stakes for their clients.

Miriam’s practice specializes in immigration law too, where cases are held in federal court. Miriam Airington-Fisher’s practice accepts clients from all across the country and overseas. She even has a small office in Guatemala City to support her bilingual client base.

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