How to Establish a Successful Solo Law Practice feat. Larry Williams II

Larry Williams II shares his journey from starting his own solo law practice straight out of law school to eventually working as a criminal defense attorney for the Harris County Public Defender's Office in Houston. Throughout the episode, Larry discusses the importance of mentorship, the value of networking, and the versatility of a law degree, encouraging young lawyers and law students to keep pushing forward and believe in their abilities to succeed in the legal field. Join us as Larry provides insights and advice for those navigating the early years of their legal careers.


  • The importance of mentorship in the legal field and how it can help young lawyers navigate their careers effectively.
  • The significance of being prepared and willing to put in the work to succeed in the legal profession.
  • Advice on not boxing oneself in with a law degree and exploring diverse career paths beyond traditional legal roles.


  • Larry's journey from law school to practicing criminal defense and eventually joining the Public Defender's Office in Houston.
  • The challenges and rewards of running a solo law practice, including the need for effective time management and business acumen.
  • Insights on balancing work-life responsibilities and adapting to changes in personal circumstances while pursuing a legal career.

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How to Establish a Successful Solo Law Practice feat. Larry Williams II

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How to Establish a Successful Solo Law Practice feat. Larry Williams IIHow to Establish a Successful Solo Law Practice feat. Larry Williams II

About This Episode

Larry Williams II’s Background

Larry Williams II, a criminal defense attorney working for the Harris County Public Defender's Office in Houston, has a diverse background that has shaped his career path. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Larry's upbringing and personal experiences with family members who had been incarcerated influenced his decision to pursue a career in criminal defense. Despite initially envisioning a career in private practice for financial reasons, Larry found his passion for courtroom advocacy and representing indigent clients. His journey from solo practice to public defense showcases his dedication to the legal profession and his willingness to adapt to different environments to gain valuable experience.

“I was fortunate enough to have an uncle and an older cousin. They were both attorneys in Mississippi. And my uncle mainly does commercial litigation, is mostly what he's done," shares Larry Williams II on You Are A Lawyer.

In the episode, Larry shares the importance of mentorship and networking in his career development. He acknowledges the role of mentors like Harry Daniels, Chris Washington, and Samuel Millich in guiding him through the challenges of starting his own law practice and navigating the legal field. Larry's proactive approach to seeking mentorship and learning from experienced attorneys has been instrumental in his growth as a lawyer. As he advises young lawyers and law students, Larry encourages them to remain resilient, continue learning, and assert their value in the legal profession. Larry's journey exemplifies the significance of mentorship, hard work, and adaptability in building a successful legal career.

Why Law School

Larry attended law school with a clear goal in mind. Larry expressed a strong desire to pursue criminal defense work, influenced by personal experiences and family members in the legal field. Despite initially considering a different path, such as commercial litigation, Larry's exposure to criminal defense through his uncle and cousin sparked his interest in this area of law. 

"Do your homework, look into stuff and outwork everybody... but also believe that you don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to," reflects Larry Williams II on Episode 137 of You Are a Lawyer.

Throughout his journey in law school and beyond, Larry emphasized the importance of mentorship and networking. He highlighted the value of seeking guidance from experienced professionals in the field, acknowledging the role mentors played in shaping his career path. Larry's advice to young lawyers and law students underscores the significance of mentorship in navigating the legal profession. Larry believes in the power of mentorship and learning from those who have faced similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of leveraging mentorship to succeed in the legal industry.

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What Can You Do with a Law Degree

Larry explains that with a law degree, individuals are not limited to traditional legal roles but can explore diverse opportunities. He mentioned examples of law graduates pursuing careers as sports agents, in-house counsel, entertainment lawyers, podcasters, business owners, and even chefs.

"You can literally do anything with this degree. So don't box yourself in," expresses Larry Williams II on You Are a Lawyer.

Larry's advice to law students and young lawyers underscores the importance of perseverance and self-respect in navigating the early stages of a legal career. He encouraged individuals to keep pushing forward, despite facing challenges or criticism about their knowledge or experience. Larry emphasized the significance of hard work and continuous learning, noting that staying updated on relevant laws and case precedents can set individuals apart in the legal field.

Lawyer Side Hustles

Larry's journey from solo practice to working for the Public Defender's Office in Houston showcases the potential for lawyers to pursue side businesses or ventures alongside their legal careers. By leveraging their problem-solving and analytical skills, lawyers can excel in entrepreneurial endeavors. Larry's advice to young lawyers and law students to "keep pushing" resonates with the idea of maintaining determination and resilience when exploring side hustles. This mindset can empower lawyers to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in both legal practice and side businesses.

“Know your worth, know your value, respect yourself, but also do the work,” shares Larry Williams II in Episode 137 of You Are a Lawyer.

In this episode, Larry emphasized the importance of being open to various opportunities with a law degree. He mentioned how a law degree provides flexibility and can open doors to different career paths beyond practicing law.

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