How to Excel in Sales as a Lawyer feat. Bryan Aghakhani

Bryan Aghakhani, a partner at Borden Semmer specializing in personal injury trial cases, shares valuable insights on the importance of marketing and networking for lawyers in this episode. He emphasizes the significance of building relationships, utilizing communication skills, and maintaining a proactive approach to grow and maintain a successful legal practice. Bryan's practical advice for young lawyers and law students underscores the essential skills needed to excel in the legal profession.


  • The importance of marketing and networking for lawyers, even if not looking for a new job or trying to leave a firm
  • The significance of communication, judgment, and writing skills for young lawyers or law students
  • The value of tracking metrics and setting goals to build confidence and trust in oneself


  • Bryan's approach to marketing, including joining various marketing groups, attending meetings, and following up with contacts regularly
  • The role of sales in the legal profession and the importance of building trust and relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Advice for young lawyers on utilizing their law degree skills in various career paths and understanding the importance of knowing opponents in legal interactions

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How to Excel in Sales as a Lawyer feat. Bryan Aghakhani

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How to Excel in Sales as a Lawyer feat. Bryan AghakhaniHow to Excel in Sales as a Lawyer feat. Bryan Aghakhani

About This Episode

Bryan Aghakhani’s Background

Bryan is a partner at Borden Semmer, a personal injury trial attorney firm in California. Bryan's day-to-day responsibilities include client interface, marketing, trial work, mediation, and depositions. He actively engages in various marketing groups, such as provisors and TAN, to expand his network and generate business for the firm. Bryan's approach to marketing involves building relationships and focusing on providing value to others, showcasing his dedication to client satisfaction and business growth.

“A motto that we live by is no like, trust, refer. Because at the end of the day, you want to refer to get business, but you're only going to do that with people you like and you trust," shares Bryan Aghakhani on You Are A Lawyer.

Bryan stresses the importance of communication, judgment, and writing skills in the legal profession, advising young lawyers and law students to leverage these skills in various career paths. He encourages individuals to have a plan, execute it diligently, and demonstrate a hunger for success in their chosen field. Bryan's calm and measured demeanor, coupled with his strategic approach to networking and business development, sets him apart as a lawyer who values building genuine connections and understanding the needs of others. His advice to young attorneys to know their opponents and adapt their communication style accordingly reflects his nuanced understanding of negotiation and conflict resolution in the legal realm.

Why Law School

Bryan Aghakhani chose to attend law school to develop essential skills such as communication, judgment, and writing. Bryan emphasized the importance of utilizing these skills not only in the legal profession but also in various other career paths. He highlighted the value of law school in teaching individuals how to think critically and strategically, which can be applied in different fields. Bryan's approach to networking and marketing reflects his ability to leverage his legal education to build relationships and create opportunities for business development.

"Law school teaches you how to think," reflects Bryan Aghakhani on Episode 149 of You Are a Lawyer, indicating that the foundational skills acquired in law school can be instrumental in pursuing diverse career paths beyond traditional legal practice.

Bryan's experience in law school and his subsequent career as a trial attorney at a personal injury law firm showcases the versatility of a legal education. He emphasized the importance of having a plan, executing it, and demonstrating drive and determination in any chosen field. Bryan's advice to young lawyers and law students underscores the idea that success is not solely determined by aggressive tactics but by understanding and adapting to the individuals you interact with. His approach of balancing assertiveness with kindness and adaptability reflects a nuanced understanding of effective communication and negotiation strategies.

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What Can You Do with a Law Degree

A law degree can open up a multitude of career paths beyond traditional legal practice. Bryan shared the importance of utilizing the skills gained in law school, such as communication, judgment, and writing, in various professions. He highlighted that these skills are transferable and can be applied in fields like broadcasting, journalism, or screenwriting. Bryan's advice underscores the versatility of a law degree, encouraging individuals to leverage their legal education to excel in diverse roles.

“With that law degree, just figure out a plan, have a plan and then execute and use those skills," reflects Bryan Aghakhani on Episode 149 of You Are a Lawyer.

Bryan spoke of the significance of understanding and adapting to different communication styles when interacting with others, a skill crucial in various professions. He emphasized the importance of knowing one's opponent and tailoring communication strategies accordingly, whether it be through assertiveness or kindness. This adaptability in communication can lead to successful negotiations and settlements, showcasing the value of a law degree in navigating complex interactions. Bryan's advice serves as a reminder that the skills acquired through legal education can be applied in a wide range of career paths, emphasizing the importance of understanding and effectively engaging with others in professional settings.

Lawyer Side Hustles

Side hustles for lawyers can be a valuable way to diversify income streams and explore other interests outside of traditional legal practice. Bryan Aghakhani's emphasis on communication, judgment, and writing as essential skills for lawyers can be leveraged in various side businesses. Whether it's starting a legal consulting service, writing legal articles for publications, or offering legal workshops, lawyers can use their expertise to create successful side hustles.

“Use the skills that you learn in law school to figure out a plan, execute it, and use those skills in whatever your interest is in life,” shares Bryan Aghakhani in Episode 149 of You Are a Lawyer.

Having a side business as a lawyer not only provides additional income but also allows for personal and professional growth. By engaging in side hustles, lawyers can enhance their networking skills, build a personal brand, and gain valuable experience in different areas. Bryan's advice to young attorneys to understand their opponents and adapt their communication style can be directly applied to managing a side business. By knowing how to interact with clients, partners, and customers, lawyers can effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with running a side hustle.

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Bryan Aghakhani is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Learn more about Bryan: Bordin | Semmer

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