How to Avoid Career Burnout with Micro Habits with Charlene Gisele

Charlene Gisele teaches high-achieving lawyers and executives how to improve their careers by focusing on their mental health. This vulnerable episode allows Charlene to discuss her motivations to become a lawyer and why she left Big Law.

Charlène Gisèle believes that if you don't start your day with a bit of self-care, then you probably won't do it. After experiencing burnout, Charlène decided to become a burnout prevention expert and help others avoid burnout.

How to Avoid Career Burnout with Micro Habits with Charlene Gisele

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How to Avoid Career Burnout with Micro Habits with Charlene GiseleHow to Avoid Career Burnout with Micro Habits with Charlene Gisele

About This Episode

What was the highlight of my day? What did I do really well? What could I do more of? How could I be even better? What decisions did I make? How could that impact me mentally?

Charlène Gisèle asks herself these questions every day and believes that if you don't start your day with a bit of self-care, then you probably won't do it. After experiencing burnout, Charlène decided to become a burnout prevention expert and help others avoid burnout.

As a child, Charlène Gisèle knew that she wanted to be a lawyer. She watched her father work as a high-achieving lawyer and Charlène wanted the same career for herself.

But after her father had a heart attack and stroke, Charlène reconsidered her priorities. Although Charlène experienced anxiety, insomnia, and a deteriorated marriage, it wasn’t until she saw her father suffer, that Charlène truly understand burnout.

Charlène explains that suffering with mental health issues is unlike any other illness because no one can see your pain. “You do not walk around with a bandage or cast on your head,” in the way you would have a cast on your leg or arm when you are injured. But Charlène is adamant that burnout must be treated as seriously as any other illness.

It was with great difficulty that Charlène decided to leave her Big Law office. Charlène spent so much time studying at Cambridge University (United Kingdom) and learning the law, but it was time for Charlène to learn about work-life balance.

Charlène Gisèle created a consulting company, Charlène Gisèle, where she and two associates, coach lawyers and C-suite executives to remain high-achieving professionals.

Two or three minutes of breathwork or reflection after a big meeting will really help high-achieving lawyers and executives avoid burnout. In fact, creating these micro habits are better than taking a 3-week holiday. Creating consistent self-care micro habits allows you to learn habits that will serve you for the rest of your life in addition to helping you avoid burnout.

Charlène is able to help high-achievers change their mindsets about self-care because she negotiates with them and explains that your well-being affects your performance. “When you must bridge the gap between how you react to things and how you feel, your micro habits will impact you,” says Charlène Gisèle.

Charlène Gisèle serves clients in Asia, America, and Europe and has fluctuating schedules that allow her to get adequate rest while meeting clients in these varying time zones.

Charlène credits law school with teaching her persistence and resistance, two traits that Charlène continues to use every day even though she has left Big Law.

Join the Bounce Back from Burnout Masterclass with Charlène Gisele:

Can you keep practicing law without burnout and anxiety? Charlène Gisèle discusses self-care in high achievers on Episode 66 of the You Are A Lawyer Podcast.

Listen to learn:

  • How to serve clients in multiple time zones without overworking yourself
  • The importance of leaning into your inner cheerleader
  • How resilience and precision allowed Charlène to create her business

We also discuss:

  • How to define a Big Law firm  
  • Best career choices if you have a JD and want to avoid burnout
  • Why self-awareness work impacts your performance

Episode Timestamps
00:45 What’s the difference between a barrister and a litigator or solicitor in the UK?
01:45 Are American Big Law firms the same as Big Law firms in the UK?
02:21 Silver Circle and Magic Circle Description
02:42 Did you encounter high stress, high demands, and long hours in Big Law?
03:37 How young were you when you decided to attend law school? What’s your background?
04:56 did watching your dad become stressed out as a lawyer inspire you to help other lawyers avoid this path?
07:59 Is your dad doing better since his health concerns?
08:45 You can also listen to this podcast at
09:09 What’s a typical day for a performance coach?
12:50 What is powering down? How can you Power Down and stop negative backtalk?
14:09 How to progress professionally and personally?
14:30 Did you learn all of this in your training?
16:05 How difficult is it for lawyers to admit they’re performing poorly?
16:17 How did you decide to leave Big Law?
19:47 Do annual vacations enough to improve my mental health?
22:12 What did you learn in law school that makes you a better lawyer?
25:24 Are you French and living in the UK?

Charlène Gisèle practiced law in the United Kingdom. Learn more about Charlène Gisèle:  




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