How To Advertise Your Law Firm (without being cheesy) feat. Keith Ligori

Keith Ligori, managing partner and founder of Ligori & Ligori Law Firm, shares his journey from working in the state attorney's office to building a successful personal injury practice. With a passion for trial advocacy and a dedication to helping clients, Keith discusses the importance of courtroom experience and the value of family in his firm. Keith Ligori advises young lawyers looking to make their mark in the legal profession.


  • Why marketing and PR are essential for lawyers
  • The value of gaining courtroom experience in criminal law and personal injury law
  • Advice specifically for law students and young lawyers


  • The rewards and challenges of trial advocacy
  • Finding passion in legal practice
  • The benefits of working for yourself and opening your own law firm

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How To Advertise Your Law Firm (without being cheesy) feat. Keith Ligori

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How To Advertise Your Law Firm (without being cheesy) feat. Keith LigoriHow To Advertise Your Law Firm (without being cheesy) feat. Keith Ligori

About This Episode

Keith Ligori’s Background

Keith Ligori has had a diverse and successful career in the legal field. He began his journey as an intern at the state attorney's office in Broward County, where he gained valuable courtroom experience. He then worked as a public defender in Ocala and later joined Tampa's State Attorney's office. Keith's passion for trial work and his natural ability to think on his feet led him to pursue a career in personal injury law. He founded Ligori & Ligori Law Firm, where he has been a managing partner for the past 20 years. Keith's dedication to his clients and commitment to providing quality legal representation has made him a respected figure in the legal community.

"You know what that was? The challenge of being able to get up and talk to people and be able to explain a case with some complicated issues. It's not easy to do and it's hard, but I, you know, I find it very challenging," shares Keith Ligori on You Are A Lawyer.

Keith shares his love for trial work and the challenge of effectively communicating complex issues to a jury. Keith has a passion for his work and a solid ability to thrive in the courtroom. His experience as a prosecutor and public defender has shaped his approach to personal injury law, where he is dedicated to helping clients and seeking justice on their behalf.

Why Law School

Keith chose to go to law school because he had a passion for the courtroom and a desire to help people. He recognized that being a lawyer would allow him to make a difference in people's lives and provide justice for those who couldn't afford legal representation.

"I think that everybody that has [a law degree] should do some type of community service work, but we are here to help people that cannot help themselves. And I think it's a blessing to have that ability to be able to walk into court knowing that if it wasn't for you, that person would never see the justice that they need, that they deserve,” reflects Keith Ligori on Episode 119 of You Are a Lawyer.

Keith's experience working at the state attorney's office and the public defender's office solidified his decision to pursue a career in law. He saw the importance of courtroom experience and the ability to think on his feet, ultimately leading him to the personal injury field.

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What You Can Do With a Law Degree

According to Keith Ligori, there are several things you can do with a law degree. One option is to specialize in a specific area of law, such as personal injury, criminal defense, or family law. By diving into a particular field, you can become an expert and significantly impact your clients' lives. 

"Find the area of law that you have a passion about, dive into it, educate yourself as much as you can, join the associations, and then get with a law firm where you can really learn and handle that area of law," emphasizes Keith Ligori, on this episode of You Are a Lawyer.

Another option is to explore marketing and public relations opportunities within the legal industry. Having a background in marketing can help you effectively promote yourself and your firm without resorting to cheesy advertising tactics. Additionally, getting involved in professional organizations and attending seminars can help you stay on top of the law and build relationships with other lawyers in the community.

Lawyer Side Hustles

In the podcast episode, Keith discusses the importance of marketing and PR in the legal profession. As a lawyer with a marketing and public relations background, he emphasizes the need for lawyers to promote themselves and their firms professionally and ethically. He believes effective marketing is not about being a "cheesy" or aggressive advertiser but rather about showcasing the value and expertise that lawyers can provide to their clients. Keith's law firm, Ligori & Ligori, focuses on treating clients like family and providing exceptional customer service, which has led to their success and growth over the years.

"You've got to get involved in those organizations, whatever area of law you're in, if you plan on staying there for a long time, and become the best lawyer you can in that area, in that arena," explains Keith Ligori in Episode 119 of You Are a Lawyer.

Keith also believes in actively participating in professional associations and staying updated on the latest developments in one's practice area. By engaging in marketing and PR efforts, lawyers can build relationships with other professionals, enhance their knowledge and skills, and ultimately attract clients who need their services.

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Keith Ligori is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.

Learn more about Keith: Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law

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