How Coaching Makes You A Better Lawyer feat. Yasmine Salem Hamdan

Yasmine Salem Hamdan is a business owner, podcaster, and coach. After law school at Texas A&M, Yasmine started practicing IP and trademark law. In 2020, Yasmine founded Coaches & Company, which has helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs protect their businesses and brands.


  • How to find financial independence through entrepreneurship
  • The importance of networking
  • Legally protecting your business


  • Helping women package intellectual property
  • The value of trademarks and brand protection
  • How lawyers can grow their businesses using social media

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How Coaching Makes You A Better Lawyer feat. Yasmine Salem Hamdan

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How Coaching Makes You A Better Lawyer feat. Yasmine Salem HamdanHow Coaching Makes You A Better Lawyer feat. Yasmine Salem Hamdan

About This Episode

Yasmine Salem Hamdan emphasizes the importance of being intentional in our actions and conversations, especially when networking and building relationships in the business world. Taking just five minutes to follow up with someone can make a huge difference in our professional lives. Let's consciously try to be intentional and proactive in our interactions.

"I'm very passionate about women creating their own financial independence because as an attorney, as a new attorney, and even to this day, but especially in the early days, I would get so many calls from women that I didn't necessarily know personally, but people that I knew in my community here locally, even across the United States," shared Yasmine Salem Hamdan on the You Are a Lawyer podcast.

We also dive into the personal experiences of our guest entrepreneurs and share anonymous client situations to provide practical examples of navigating the challenges of running a business. And why Yasmine recently launched the podcast, "The Business of Doing Business," under her Coaches & Company brand.

What You Can Do with a Law Degree

In the podcast, Yasmine Salem Hamdan emphasizes the importance of proactively protecting oneself, particularly in building a business. They compare building a business to building a house, stating that without a solid foundation, progress may be hindered, and cracks may begin to show over time. This can lead to the need for damage control, which is expensive in terms of money, time, and energy.

Yasmine advocates for being proactive in legally protecting oneself, including protecting intellectual property and creating productive and professional working relationships with clients, employees, and contractors. They stress the importance of having all the necessary legal agreements, such as website privacy policies, to ensure that personal data is collected and used responsibly and legally.

"We're in a very exciting period of time right now and the advances in technology and accessibility when it comes to business development and marketing platforms and reaching your customers, speaking directly to them, learning more about them, engaging with them directly, and being able to package your intellectual property in a way that can be delivered digitally," Shared Yasmine Salem Hamdan on You Are A Lawyer.

Although Yasmine's passion lies in empowering women to achieve financial independence, they emphasize that their services are not exclusive to women. They work with both men and women, recognizing the importance of supporting all individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavors. However, Yasmine Salem Hamdan does express a particular passion for helping women create their financial independence, as they have seen firsthand the struggles women face when they lack financial autonomy.

Entrepreneurs and Financial Independence

Financial independence is crucial in empowering women and enabling them to make choices that align with their needs, desires, and aspirations. In a podcast transcript, Yasmine emphasizes the importance of educating and sharing information to ensure women are not trapped in relationships or family situations due to financial constraints. This essay explores the significance of empowering women through financial independence and highlights its role in promoting gender equality and personal autonomy.

"It's a way for entrepreneurs to protect themselves," explained Yasmine Salem Hamdan on You Are A Lawyer.

In the podcast transcript, Yasmine mentions practicing trademark law and supporting clients in business and legal strategy. This highlights the symbiotic relationship between trademark law and business strategy. Trademarks are not just legal tools; they are strategic assets that can shape a company's identity, market positioning, and competitive advantage. Developing a strong trademark strategy involves conducting thorough research, selecting distinctive marks, and implementing effective enforcement strategies to protect and enhance the brand's value.

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Lawyer Side Hustles

To empower women in trademark law and business strategy, it is essential to provide education, resources, and support. This can include workshops, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities catering to women entrepreneurs and professionals. Sharing success stories and showcasing female role models in the field can also inspire and motivate women to pursue their ambitions.

"You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars in order to get minimal protection in place in terms of a client contract that is legitimate and enforceable and is actually going to serve you and protect you," shared Yasmine Salem Hamdan, while explaining why lawyers need to protect their intellectual property.

In the podcast transcript, Yasmine Salem Hamdan discusses their journey into IP law and their realization of the untapped potential in the online market. They observed that many businesses, particularly those in the local and traditional sectors, did not have a strong online presence or the necessary business savvy to navigate the digital landscape. This presented an opportunity for Yasmine to launch their practice and cater specifically to the needs of online brands.

Yasmine recognized the importance of trademarks and their value for online businesses. Trademarks protect the unique identity and branding of a business, ensuring that competitors cannot infringe upon their intellectual property. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Yasmine saw firsthand how individuals built brands and trademarks online. They understood the potential for these assets to be secured and leveraged for commercial success.

Although she never imagine dbeing a business owner, Yasmie is happy that she took the bet on herself and opened coashed & Company. "So law students and young lawyers, I would say, as far as what you can do with your law degree, not to be super generic, but you really can do anything with your law degree," explained Yasmine Salem Hamdan on the You Are A Lawyer podcast.

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How Coaching Makes You A Better Lawyer feat. Yasmine Salem Hamdan

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