Finding Success in the Legal Field with a Technology Background feat. Devin Zito

Devin Zito, a technology professional and lawyer, shares his unique journey from running his own IT company to becoming the Director of Information Services and Corporate Counsel at Assurance Financial Group. He discusses the intersection of technology and law, the value of a legal education in various industries, and the importance of embracing non-traditional paths to career success.


  • The value of a legal education and opportunities it provides
  • The importance of scholarships and grants
  • Why balancing work and family life is important


  • Attending law school while running a company
  • Balancing responsibilities and time management
  • Pursuing non-traditional career paths

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Finding Success in the Legal Field with a Technology Background feat. Devin Zito

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Finding Success in the Legal Field with a Technology Background feat. Devin ZitoFinding Success in the Legal Field with a Technology Background feat. Devin Zito

About This Episode

Devin Zito’s Background

Devin Zito is a technology professional and lawyer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a background in computer information systems and programming, Devin started his own IT company before eventually selling it and transitioning into a career in law. He currently serves as the Director of Information Services and Corporate Counsel for Assurance Financial Group, an independent mortgage banking company.

"A legal education is invaluable. It's applicable to almost any industry and anything that I have done… It's just such a well-rounded broad degree that it's almost universal." emphasizes Devin Zito on You Are A Lawyer.

Devin's unique combination of technology expertise and legal knowledge allows him to lead both the IT and legal departments at Assurance Financial. In the podcast episode, Devin shares his journey from starting a tech company to attending law school and discusses the value of a legal education in various industries.

Why Law School

Devin chose to attend law school because it had always been his original intention. Despite his initial detour into the technology field, Devin's passion for law never wavered. He was encouraged by his wife to pursue his dream, and after several years of running his own technology company, he finally felt ready to take on the challenge of law school.

"I always thought maybe one day I would fall back to teaching, you know, undergrad or teaching law school or something. I just kind of thought about it as a later in life kind of thing. And then all of a sudden here I am going, wait, that's now I'm doing it now. I never thought that would be this soon." explains Devin Zito on episode 122 of You Are a Lawyer.

Devin's decision to attend law school was driven by his desire to combine his technology background with a legal education. He saw the potential in pairing these two fields and recognized the unique opportunities it could bring. He believed that a legal education was invaluable and applicable to almost any industry. Devin's choice to pursue law school was a strategic move to enhance his career prospects and broaden his skill set.

What Can You Do with a Law Degree

Devin Zito's journey with a law degree is a testament to the power of embracing one's unique interests and skill sets. With a background in technology and entrepreneurship, Devin found a way to seamlessly integrate his passion for both fields. After starting his own successful tech company, he decided to pursue his long-held dream of attending law school. Armed with his computer information systems degree and a drive to explore the intersection of technology and law, Devin embarked on a non-traditional path that would lead him to become a technology professional and lawyer.

"Pairing a technology background with a legal background. There's nobody out there doing that." said Devin Zito on You Are A Lawyer.

As the Director of Information Services and Corporate Counsel at Assurance Financial Group, Devin leverages his technology background to lead the company's IT department while also providing legal counsel. His expertise in both areas allows him to navigate the complex landscape of technology and law, ensuring that Assurance Financial remains at the forefront of innovation and compliance. Devin's ability to bridge the gap between these two fields has not only set him apart but has also opened up new opportunities for growth and success. Through his unique journey, Devin proves that a law degree can be a powerful tool for those who dare to think outside the box and embrace their diverse interests.

Building a Tech Empire

Devin Zito's IT company was the result of his passion for technology and his background in computer information systems. Before attending law school, Devin embarked on a journey in the tech industry, eventually starting his own company. With a focus on programming and software development, Devin's company thrived for over a decade, providing innovative solutions to clients. His expertise in technology and programming laid the foundation for his future success in both the legal and IT fields.

"Prior to law school, I went to undergrad and did my undergrad in a computer information systems program. Instead of going straight to law school, like my brain told me I was going to do and my original intentions were, I ended up starting a career in technology." shared Devin on episode 122 of You Are A Lawyer.

Devin's IT company not only showcased his technical skills but also allowed him to forge connections with professionals in various industries. Through his company, he had the opportunity to work with Assurance Financial Group, a mortgage banking company based in Baton Rouge. This connection eventually led to his current role as the Director of Information Services and Corporate Counsel at Assurance Financial. Devin's IT background continues to be a valuable asset in his role, as he combines his legal knowledge with his technological expertise to lead the IT department and provide legal counsel to the company.

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Devin Zito is licensed to practice in the state of Louisiana.

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