Jasmin Robinson – Jas Talks Law Founder and Lawyer

In this episode, Attorney Jas, a 2016 Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law graduate, explains how her legal education provoked her to create a business, Jas Talks Law, where she coaches prospective and current law students.  Attorney Jas also practices entrepreneur and entertainment law and is a published author.

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Show notes

Jasmin Robinson, or Attorney Jas, is the creator of the Jas Talks Law brand.  Through her company and website, Jas Talks Law, advocates for cultural diversity in the legal field, hosts legal webinars, and produces content for social media and YouTube, all focused on promoting admission and success in law school.  Attorney Jas’ goal is to bring awareness to the fact that 5% of all lawyers are black.  Attorney Jas is licensed in the state of Georgia.

Attorney Jas has assisted law students in obtained more than two million dollars in scholarship money and is the author of the following texts:  “From Maybe to Yes: Your Law School Personal Statement Workbook,” “From Yes to Yasssss: Your Law School Diversity Statement Workbook,” “The Pre-Law Masterclass Workbook” and “The 1L Success Academy Workbook.”  Attorney Jas also assists business owners with their various entrepreneurial needs, such as filing copyrights, trademarks, and registering their businesses with their state.

You may follow Attorney Jas on Instagram @JasTalksLaw and YouTube by searching Jasmin Robinson.  

Follow the podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @kjd796.

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