James Mattox III - Car Wreck Professor and Lawyer

James Mattox III - Car Wreck Professor and Lawyer

James Mattox III, a Southern University Law Center graduate, explains why he practices personal injury law and the benefits of trusting your law firm co-founder.

ADVERTISER: This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.

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Show notes

James Mattox III intended to become a parole officer before a college professor encouraged him to impact more lives by becoming a lawyer. James Mattox III started law school without knowing anyone who looked like him or came from a small town. Now, James Mattox III is co-founder of the law firm that specializes in personal injury, bankruptcy, and Texas family law.

Listen to learn:

  • Advice for cofounding a law firm
  • Why bankruptcy and personal injury law pair are complementary practices
  • The benefits of virtual law firms for new lawyers

We also discuss:

  • How bankruptcy and personal injury law interact
  • Best career choices if you have a JD and want to own a business
  • How an encouraging teacher can change your life
  • The importance of getting honest advice when choosing a law school

James Mattox III is licensed to practice law in Texas. Learn more about James Mattox III:  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carwreck_professor/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mattoxlawfirm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themattoxlawfirm/

Website: https://www.themattoxlawfirm.com


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ADVERTISER:  This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.

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