Irnise Williams - Nurse and Lawyer

In this episode, Irnise Williams, a Howard University School of Law graduate, explains why equal access to healthcare is so important and how she created a space for herself as a nurse and lawyer.

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Show notes

Irnise Williams is a registered nurse, travel nurse, and practicing attorney.  Originally from Connecticut, Irnise attended Howard University for her undergraduate degree and nursing school, then worked as a trauma nurse.  Irnise was inspired to become a nurse after multiple positive interactions between the nurses who cared for her grandparents nurses and seeing what an impact those nurses made.  

After living in Washington D.C. while the Affordable Care Act was being drafted and discussed, D.C. was abuzz with all things healthcare policy and Irnise could not look the other way.

With her background in nursing, Irnise wanted to explore the intersection of law and healthcare.  After weighing the options of an advanced degree in policy or a law degree, Irnise was certain that she would have more opportunities with a J.D.  

Irnise is passionate about maternal health care rights, reproductive rights, and making sure people understand what health care is and what it can be.  Irnise believes that when people understand what healthcare can be, they will be able to advocate for themselves within the healthcare system.  Irnise Williams is the managing attorney of her own practice and continues to work as a travel nurse.

Irnise Williams is licensed in Maryland.  Connect with Irnise Williams on Instagram @yournurselawyer and through her website,

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