Deshani Senewiratne - Education Advocate and Lawyer

In this episode, Deshani Senewiratne, a 2019 University of California Irvine School of Law graduate, explains how working with students inspired her to attend law school and why she created GradAcheive to help other first generation students gain access to higher education institutions.

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Show notes

Deshani Senewiratne does not believe in linear learning for students or linear decision making.  Working as a federal judicial clerk, Deshani is observing the practice of law and helping other students gain access to graduate and law school through her company, GradAcheive.  With GradAcheive, members receive individualized course plans, study schedules and mentor relationships are offered between students and professionals, lawyers and judges.

Born in Sri Lanka, Deshani discusses how being curious in life has led her to live in Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Irvine, California.  Her employment experiences range from working in “think tanks,” spending two years with Teach for America, advocating for special education students, and attending graduate school for Public Policy and Education.

Deshani Senewiratne is a member of the California bar association.

You may follow GradAcheive on Instagram @GradAcheive, contact her at GradAcheive @gmail .com, and visit to learn more about tutoring for graduate and law school admissions.

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