Brandi Mowles – Advertising Strategist and Lawyer

In this episode, Brandi Mowles, a Samford University Cumberland School of Law graduate, explains how her law school gave her the foundational knowledge needed to become an entrepreneur and to mentor other business owners.

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Show notes

Brandi Mowles is an advertising strategist, business mentor and host of the podcast, “Serve, Soar, Scale.”  By assisting business owners in launching online courses or memberships with dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads, Brandi has grown her ad strategy business to make over $200,000 a year.  As a business mentor, Brandi assists service-based businesses in scaling to become profitable without hiring a team.

Brandi initially attended law school to practice international law, but ultimately changed her mind.  While Brandi enjoyed the competitiveness of law school, law school taught her to stop comparing herself to others.  Brandi chose not to take any state’s bar exam.  

You may follow Brandi Mowles on Instagram @Brandiandcompany and listen to her podcast, “Serve, Scale, Soar” wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

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