Alban Brooke - Buzzsprout Head of Marketing and Lawyer

Alban Brooke - Buzzsprout Head of Marketing and Lawyer

In this episode, Alban Brooke, a University of Georgia School of Law graduate, explains why he started working with Buzzsprout and the importance of maintaining his law licenses.

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Show notes

Alban Brooke comes from a long line of lawyers; his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were lawyers.  Alban’s legal journey began in construction law, where Alban worked as a runner, then helped a coworker start their own construction firm, and eventually worked as a paralegal.  As an attorney, Alban practiced what he knew, which was construction law.  However, Alban realized that what he thought being a problem solver, streamlining processes, and ways to make himself invaluable were not traits that he loved about being a lawyer.  Those were traits of being a new(er) hire in young companies.  This spurred Alban’s comments about eventually leaving law.

Alban would frequently tell his entrepreneur friends that he would leave law to work at their tech company.  After a couple years, his friends’ company was hiring for a head of marketing role.  When this job posting was mentioned to Alban, it was official: Alban’s bluff was being called.  True to his word, Alban decided to stop practicing law to work for Buzzsprout.  Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting company and Alban is in charge of technology, marketing, and researching software developments, among other tasks.

At Buzzsprout, Alban insists that every day looks different, with the exception of discussing podcasts, creating content (podcasts or YouTube videos) about podcasts and pushing the business forward.  While at Buzzsprout, Alban is unable to directly use many of the skills he learned in law school, but Alban’s legal education indirectly is present in many of his decisions and actions.  

Alban credits law school with teaching him to over prepare for meetings, training his editing skills to review an email three times before sending it out, and allowing Alban to enjoy the freedom to find assignments that suit him.  

Alban Brooke is licensed in Georgia and Florida.  Connect with Alban Brooke on Twitter @albanbrooke.

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